Baton Rouge History on Display
04 Aug

Baton Rouge History on Display

One is always looking for ways to save money while shopping. We at Dealz4Grab aim at exactly that. We want you to explore more and more places in and around Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Gonzales & Lafayette, Louisiana. Our main aim is to make sure that you know where to find the best place to eat, do things, and shop.

In this post, we have brought to you some vital piece of history about Baton Rouge. So, keep reading if you want to know more about this place!

Origins of Baton Rouge

The term Baton Rouge is French for ‘red stick’. The reason for this name is the fact that when the French explorer who led the expedition to Mississippi river saw a red pole that marked this territory, he named it “Baton Rouge”. We are at the capital of the great state of Louisiana located east of the Mississippi River. This state is very strategic and is known to be an industrialization hub as it a hotspot for petroleum, natural gas, and salt.  It also has a rich history and if you are looking to see the place properly soaking in great experiences you can rely on this article.

Louisiana Art & Science Museum and Planetarium

The first place that we’d like you to visit if you are a history buff is the Louisiana Art & Science Museum and Planetarium which is located in this historic train station. If you are wondering what this place offers, you are in for a treat. The museum features a line of fine art exhibitions, a science gallery with hands-on experience, and even an Egyptian tomb exhibit. In addition to the above, they also have a creative playroom with fun art activities that will keep you engaged. There is another exciting feature located in the museum cum planetarium and that is the challenger learning center that offers a unique experience. You can be a part of a simulated space mission that will almost seem too real. Apart from the above, you can also visit the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium and the Exxon Mobil Space theatre at this wonderful place. Make sure that you in no way miss this amazing experience.

USS KIDD Veterans Memorial and Museum

Second, we’d recommend that you go to the USS KIDD Veterans Memorial and Museum. We’ve noticed that people are quite shocked to know that there is a memorial of such a nature in Baton Rouge. This place offers you a brilliantly restored World War II Fletcher-Class destroyer. The magnificent USS KIDD is docked along the Mississippi River in grandeur. The museum along with the feature displays many incredible machines such as aircraft, and the largest ever ship a model collection of the south. This also comes complete with a riverboat pilothouse and many historical artifacts. Apart from the marvelous displays, this museum is also a memorial and gives honor to over 7000 natives of Louisiana who were killed in combat. A place where you can easily relive the times of war. Visiting this will make sure that you leave with a bittersweet memory in your heads. Make sure you visit this place when you come to Baton Rouge.

Old State Capitol

The third-place that we would recommend you to visit is the Old State Capitol. The tallest capitol in the nation, this local Art Deco landmark offers exciting guided tours. We at Baton Rouge call this place fondly as the “Castle on the River” and it is located right across the hilltop on River Road. This is a good place if you wish to delve into the world of political history museums. Apart from which it is also a place that offers you an insight into various exhibits and architectural wonders. The place has a unique Gothic Victorian style of architecture. Make sure to not miss the observation deck on the 27th floor.

Stand on the steps of this ecclesiastical vestige, perched atop a grassy knoll on the Mississippi bank, and take in the stunning ambiance of this unforgettable, picturesque scene.

You will see glass stained domes, and cast-iron staircases to complete the whole gothic theme. One also feels that this place almost is a nicely restored classical structure which provides an insight into history just by its appearance.

Among the many exciting exhibits in this place, one of the most well-known and appreciated ones is the “Huey Long Live-The Kingfish Speaks” which retells the story of the old kingfish in a regal style. You must also remember to not miss “The Ghost and the Castle” presentation. This is a theatrical presentation of the famous ghost of Sarah Morgan. All in all, a visit to this place will not disappoint you.

Old Governor’s Mansion & Foundation for Historical Louisiana

We now recommend that you visit the Old Governor’s Mansion & Foundation for Historical Louisiana. This place in the earlier days was nicknamed at “Louisiana’s White House”. The trip will seem almost incomplete if you forget this step of the journey. This place dates back to the year 1930. It was constructed during the time of Huey P. Long. Originally when this place was inaugurated it served as the place of residence for many mayors and their families and eventually, it was converted into a historic museum which now fails to not amuse anyone who visits it. It is also a venue for many formal and important events. What is amazing about this place is that many tourist guides offer guided tours which will make you conversant with the history of everything you can see. Additionally, the place also offers a gift shop called the West Wing Gift shop where you can purchase some souvenirs for your loved ones.

Shaw Centre for the Arts

Next, we would recommend that you visit the renowned Shaw Centre for the Arts. This place is a Mecca for theatre, student galleries, and even good food as it features two amazing restaurants. These are “Tsunami” and “Capital City Grill” which offers good food and a great experience. This place features the diverse art that the city of Baton Rouge has to offer and one must visit it to know the city better.

Red Stick Farmers Market

One must also support and give back to the Baton Rouge community by visiting the Red Stick Farmers Market. This is an open-air market where local producers and farmers sell veggies, fruits, and seasonal foods. You can taste samples, buy food items, or walk around to see new and exciting things.

We at Dealz4grab hope that you have a great time in Baton Rouge and if you are a native, we want you to know that we offer the best deals in the city. So, if you have your eye on local businesses, we are someone you must contact as we would be so happy to help you get the best deal. To sign up with us, visit our website and we will make sure that we double the fun of your outings!    

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