8 Famous Streets Across Louisiana!
04 Aug

8 Famous Streets Across Louisiana!

As a tourist, you must know that Louisiana is more than just New Orleans, although that is the key attraction for most visitors. Whether you visit the place during Mardi Gras or any other time of the year, you can cherish boating, fishing, kayaking, or canoeing on one of the numerous waterways or along the Gulf of Mexico. Camping, hiking, biking, and bird-watching are ideal for those who desire to connect with nature, or you can just play a relaxing round of golf. Enjoy the stunning weather while visiting the popular streets across Louisiana.

Head to New Orleans for traditional Cajun meals and a flavor of history or take a water tour to see the crocodiles or other wildlife.

1. Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Bourbon Street is popular for being the life of a party town. The street is lit with neon lights, throbbing with good music, and adorned with balconies and beads. Named for a royal family in France, the Bourbon Street has become a place for the partying of all sorts. Numerous things change in New Orleans, but the excitement and color of Bourbon Street never fade. A popular luxury spot on Bourbon is the Galatoire’s Restaurant, one of New Orlean’s oldest and most well-known restaurants. Founded by Jean Galatoire in 1905, the restaurant specializes in French-Creole cuisine and is a hot spot for upscale lunch on Fridays and dinner any night of the week.

2. Magazine Street, New Orleans

Full of boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, this popular street seems to have taken its name from an ammunition magazine that was located nearby during the 18th century. However, there’s another interesting theory, floating around that the street may have been named after the Spanish term for warehouse, Almacin. As the story goes, General James Wilkinson came to New Orleans and persuaded the Louisiana governor, Esteban Rodriguez Miro into building him a warehouse to keep his Kentucky tobacco. This street was originally called Calle Del Almazan, which would later be called the Magazine Street.

Beginning at Canal Street in the Central Business District and extending all the way upriver through the Garden District, the street takes you through some of New Orlean’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

3. Freret Street, New Orleans

Positioned near the Loyola and Tulane campuses in Uptown New Orleans, Freret Street will charm you with its bars, coffee shops, and restaurants that are dotted along the way. Make sure you check out the Freret street market, which happens on the first Sunday of the month. The market is split up into three categories, namely flea, art, and food, and it is definitely an ideal way to spend an afternoon. Come out to this family-friendly event to eat, shop, and enjoy yourself.

4. Ryan Street, Lake Charles

Located in downtown Lake Charles, Ryan Street is a beautifully paved streetscape with a vibrant scenery of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and artisan galleries. To start exploring Ryan Street, and the surrounding places like the Children’s Museum, head to the Art Shop for bike rentals. As you explore the street, stop for some morning coffee at Stellar Beans Coffee House or halt in for some Sunday brunch at the Blue Dog Café. While planning the trip, draw out some time to head to the 1911 City Hall Arts and Cultural Center for a taste of Lake Charles history. After sightseeing the art galleries along Ryan Street, indulge in an eccentric dinner at the Pujo Street Café that is popular for their yum Cajun and Creole fare with memorable desserts.

5. Third Street, Alexandria

Third Street is a part of the city’s Cultural Arts District and offers a glimpse into the past with the city’s oldest historical buildings. It runs directly beside the Hotel Bentley and was the site for military parades during World War II. Head to the Third Street for year-round events, art, and amazing restaurants. Other iconic locations to visit include the Kress Theatre (historic Kress building now the Rapides Foundation Building), Diamond Grill (an old jewelry store restored into a restaurant), and the Sentry Drug & Grill (old-style diner in a historic drug store).

6. Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans

This is the hidden treasure of the city which is ideal if you’re searching for a quiet, calming, and scenic street to stroll down. Stretching from the river up to City Park, this is the best street for biking or walking when the weather is nice.

7. Columbia Street, Covington

Make sure to talk a calming walk down this stunning street in Covington that begins at the old Columbia Street Landing on the Bogue Falaya River. The street wanders via the old Convington and is marked with 10 blocks of galleries, shops, clothing boutiques, along with well-known Convington Farmers Markets on Saturdays.

During the Spring Season, free concerts are staged at the Columbia Street Landing, and in the fall make sure to visit for the annual Three Rivers Arts Festival. This open-air event attracts more than 50,000 individuals over the festival weekend to view numerous artist’s work from around the globe.

8. Antique Alley, Trenton St., Monroe-West Monroe

This street is mostly popular for shopping. It hosts one of the massive shopping malls in North Louisiana along with a huge array of boutiques offering the antique hunter an afternoon of excitement or the savvy shopper the trendiest and newest items. Another lookout is DeSiard Street. Head to the Monroe-West Monroe Visitors Bureau Office for a map of must-visit historic homes and cruise DeSiard Street for a flavor of history.  

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